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Our expertise is supply chain management. We will educate you each step of the way and make sure you are following best practices with your freight management. Personalized service that will let you sleep well at night knowing your business is taken care of.

Truck Freight

We arrange for shipments ranging from 1 pallet to full truckloads. If you have been shipping via UPS or FedEx ground and you want to save money on shipping, it is very likely you have enough volume to switch to truck freight. You simply contact Freightjoy , we will explain every step of the process and keep track of every step of the shipment.

Amazon FBA

We began shipping to Amazon FBA when they had only 2 locations: Reno Nevada & Coffeyville Kansas. Amazon FBA has evolved over the years, and with every change at Amazon we have developed the best systems to get Amazon 3rd Party Marketplace sellers inventory into Amazon FBA faster than any other LTL or truckload carrier.

Inbound FBA

You no longer need to ship cases via UPS in order to get expedited delivery. Freightjoy has Expedited LTL and truckload shipping into Amazon FBA locations which will offer huge cost savings over UPS or FedEX Ground. For those Amazon sellers already shipping via Amazon Partner LTL , Freightjoy inbound consolidation service will get your freight picked up off your dock without the days wait for the bill of lading that you are used to. You will not have shipments sitting on your dock taking up space waiting to be picked up. FBA sellers are able to know the date & time of delivery before the order is even loaded. If you are shipping LTL or truckload shipments into Amazon FBA locations we want to talk with you and show you a better way.


We handle pallet and truckload shipments throughout the USA & Canada even if the shipment isn't delivering to Amazon FBA. We handle shipments into prep centers and 3PL warehouses. We also have a division that can handle your general truckload non-Amazon freight. Freightjoy can arrange for temperature control LTL and truckload shipments as well as dry cargo shipments nationwide.